Hawaii: The 6 Most Enchanting Places On Earth

Hawaii is the most beautiful destination to visit. It is an attractive destination to travel to for a break. Hawaii is surrounded by eight islands in between the Pacific Ocean, which is a magnificent sight to behold.


Hawaii is the most beautiful destination to visit. It is an attractive destination to travel to for a break. Hawaii is surrounded by eight islands in between the Pacific Ocean, which is a magnificent sight to behold. Out of eight islands, three of them, Oahu, Kauai, and Hawaii Island, are majorly visited by tourists. Hawaii is known as a paradise found on earth. In this blog, we will be discussing the Incredible Hawaii Destinations in Hawaii that must be visited this vacation season.

The tourists who come to Hawaii are mostly here because of the beaches, sun, and water activities, but there is so much more to discover in Hawaii. If you are a nature admirer and want to know about the Best Places To Go In Hawaii, then keep on reading. 

If you want to visit the Islands of Hawaii, you need to land at the airport of that island. But the airport is in Oahu, and people seem to only see this area, and the rest of the Hawaii Islands are left undiscovered. We have covered The Best Island To Visit In Hawaii, which is full of exciting stuff. To learn about the beautiful and famous destinations where you can relax in magnificent clear seas surrounded by beautiful forests full of greenery, then have a look at these fantastic places we have covered in Hawaii:

Hawaii Island:

It is known as the most extensive and the first island to be discovered in Hawaii. The best place for adventurous activities and a fun time you must visit this island. The points of attraction of Hawaii Island are the Hawaii Volcanoes National park, where one can see active volcanoes erupting. You have to walk through deserts, rainforests, craters to experience an old lava tube that is 500years old. You can visit Thomas A-Jaggar Museum to know more about volcanoes. The island has a point: Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park is a Historic place where visitors can experience scuba diving, snorkeling, or kayaking. The island's natural beauty is a sight to behold for visitors.

Other Hawaii Islands that should be visited include the Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, and Lanai Island. Lanai is one of the world's largest pineapple producers. Molokai Island is the best place to relax from all the city hassles. Kauai is the place for the best adventurous activities, an experience which you will never forget. The Island of Oahu is one of the largest Islands in Hawaii where surfing originated in the first place.

The USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor:

It is situated in Honolulu, Oahu is the most visited destination of the Hawaiian Islands because of the tragic World War two and its history. Around two million visitors come to visit this place yearly. The visitors come in curiosity to see where WWII began for America. The USS Arizona Memorial observes the battleship that was sunk in the War. It is the largest harbor in Hawaii which is naturally known as the water of pearls by the Hawaiians. If you love history and war history, you must visit this place. Visitors take flowers with them to honor those who died in the War. 

Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park:

It is situated in Kauai, one of the unique destinations globally. The place is known for its extravagant waterfalls, sweet water rivers and streams, and lush greenery. The area has an ample supply of natural food items that include fish, fruits, sweet potatoes, and so much more to offer. Many visitors have not discovered this destination because it is located on the coastline and you have to reach there by walking or sailing. It is home to two beautiful beaches, Kalalau Beach and Hanakapi'ai. Sunset cruises with dinner and snorkel tours are offered here. An old 800 years Hawaiian Fishing Village is also located here where the visitors can pay a visit.

Waimea Canyon State Park:

This park is a must-visit place in Hawaii, as it's one of the unique locations in Hawaii. The canyon is 14miles in length and 3600 feet deep. The Waimea Canyon is also named the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. The visitors are offered a hiking trail or an airplane view of the canyon. They can choose either of them. The visitors can even drive to the lower area of the canyon and experience its beauty.

Waikiki Beach:

Waikiki Beach is in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu. It is a beautiful place to visit; even kids will love it. It is the most known beach place in Hawaii. Although this place is the most crowded and busiest destination in Hawaii, that doesn't stop the surfers and swimmers from enjoying their time at the beach. The beach is kids-friendly because the water of the beach is calm and gentle. The beach has crystal clear blue water, and it is not too deep—many tourists all around the year visit this beach. Most families visit this beach due to the calmness of the beach. The shopping centers and restaurants are nearby the beaches where the visitors can shop, eat and rest.

Makapuu Point Lighthouse Trail:

This Lighthouse Trail is a must for hiking lovers. They definitely should hike this trail. The visitors usually visit this point at sunset and sunrise time to catch the magnificent beauty over the water of this place. It is the best place for visitors who capture their holidays, as the scenery of this place makes it best to take pictures in. The ocean also has a beautiful view where the whales are seen in the daytime, and visitors love it. It is the most popular, less crowded hike in Hawaii with the best points.

There are so many beautiful and the best places to cover in Hawaii, including those mentioned above. A real nature admirer will love the beauty of Hawaii and its Islands, and it's the perfect destination for natural beauty admirers. So Hawaii and its Islands should always be on your list. Visit and discover Hawaii yourself and embrace the beauty of nature.

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